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Fashion, hair, makeup, shoes, style…….None of those things were important to me. I was a young wife and mother and my only concern was paying day care, how would my kids get home from school and making sure bills were paid. Who had time to look beautiful? What exactly was beautiful? I never thought of myself as such. As a matter of fact I was somewhat insecure while growing up. I was the little brown girl and back in my day, brown girls didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t see myself as God saw me. I didn’t believe I was beautiful. I didn’t know my worth and it was that thought process that made it easy for people to mistreat me. Believe it or not I was well within my thirties before I discovered who I really am and my worth. It was my developing a relationship with God that gave me the courage to love myself. I had no idea that was the secret to better days. Self Love! Once you get that down, everything and everyone else will fall right in place.  Now I look in the mirror and honestly say I love the woman that stares back at me.


I began my business as a wedding planner but modestly my passion converted into a career in the beauty industry that started around 2009. One of my brides wound up getting a bad makeup job and frantically did not know what to do. With only one beginner eye shadow pallet, I was able to transform something bad into a beautiful picture-perfect moment. In 2014, I created For Beauty Sake, a company that primarily promotes makeup artistry but the focus is on both inner and outer beauty. I have worked and been the key makeup artist on various photo shoots, video shoots in addition to becoming a top bridal makeup artist in Dallas Ft. Worth. Whether it’s a natural or bold makeup blend, I will deliver it to perfection.


In 2018 I became a professional photographer. What makes me different from most photographers is that I am a makeup artist and I shoot with beauty in my eyes. I am mostly known for creating the perfect head shots for corporations but also lifestyle and milestone birthday shoots.


 I started Makeup Therapy which is a group session makeup class for ladies to come in and be transparent about why they want to learn to wear makeup. In Makeup Therapy, you will meet new women, bond over all things beauty in addition to being hands on with applying your own makeup.  


I never thought in a million years I would be the one on the other side of the brush camera. Having beauty makeup and photography sessions with my clients has to be one of my favorite things to do in life. I love to see the look on their face when they look at the photos and almost cries because they never saw that image before. It is my absolute pleasure to show you exactly what has been there all along.

Come with me as I continue to grow in this journey For Beauty Sake  

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