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A Long Time Coming

I used to say “Oh no I am not a makeup artist. I am just a person who knows how to do makeup”. I would say this to deflect from the real fact that I did not believe in myself nor did I believe I was good enough to put such a title on me. I was seriously thinking who in their right mind would believe I am a makeup artist when I barely know about makeup myself? No, I did not wear makeup and I certainly did not dream of being a pro artist when I was a child. I knew I wanted to look pretty on special occasions and I would always hire someone to do makeup for me. So the thought of me advising any woman on beauty tips was crazy. The one thing I did know and always prayed for was that God would bless me to inspire and empower women to see their beauty inside and out. Empowering women by showing them their beauty is something I needed growing up but did not have. I went through a long period of time being insecure and yes it played a big role in my adult life. I would be well into my 30’s, close to 40 before I understood who God saw me as. When meeting me, you would never guess I was insecure because I never looked like what I was going through. I just didn’t want to answer the question of “what’s wrong?” Honey they would not be ready for my answer. Even though things didn’t seem to go in my favor, I have never been the one to give up. I will never stop believing what God has for me. It is already mine! There are so many beautiful, more talented women out here in this beauty industry that are making major moves but my focus is to get better with my business. I look at those other women and I am inspired to be greater. I want to accomplish so many things and I believe that I will because that is what I believe. You are exactly what you think you are. You will have exactly what you say you will have. You need to understand the power of your mindset and words. You get out of the universe what you put in to it. When I use to say “oh I am not a makeup artist” I wasn’t and I never got booked. Today I hold my head up and speak loudly and I declare I am one of the best beauty experts to come out of Dallas Fort Worth. I have waited a long time to be in this place and man oh man it feels amazing. We would all love for God to act on our time table but he knows when the time is best for us. I know just five years ago I was not ready for success. God has been grooming me for this moment and is prepping me for my major moments to come. I am so grateful God didn’t give up on me. I am so excited to show you my growth and even more excited to take you with me.

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